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Month: August, 2008

7th Son Obsidian Project

29 August, 2008 (12:31) | Decategorizable |

Backstory: JC Hutchins wrote and podcasted his excellent trilogy, “7th Son”. You can get it at his site or I highly recommend it. It’s a scifi tech thriller adventure rollercoaster fun ride. Very well done. Two small aspects of the storyline are that part of it happens in the arctic oilfields and the bad […]

House crimes

28 August, 2008 (12:03) | Decategorizable |

It all started when I found the dead parrot in my inventory… Nika & Keeme had just recently landed what they called their Crime House. They used to “borrow” the available prims of someone’s land and rezz their house at some high altitude. After using it they’d leave and un-rezz the house, freeing up those […]

Ever wonder what a nice day in Prudhoe Bay is like?

7 August, 2008 (19:09) | Decategorizable |

It’s probably not what you think. The weather is very changeable but on a nice July evening it’s sweet. This is a 360 panorama near Pump 1. A stone’s throw from the Arctic Ocean. You can see the two 1 million gallon tanks and the start of the Trans Alaska Pipeline on the right. In […]