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Light and the flight from Prudhoe to reality

5 January, 2009 (18:39) | Decategorizable

Yeah yeah yeah. So I haven’t posted for months. I knew I’d get around to something interesting sooner or later. I just haven’t been feeling all that interesting in recent times

The sun hasn’t been up in Prudhoe Bay since late November. No it’s not pitch dark but still there is no sunup. Not till 1/25. It does get light(er) for a while in mid day but that’s all.
So on my flight home from work I got my first real sunshine in a couple weeks.
I really dig light. Interesting light. I like images of light. Probably why I like lighting for motion pictures. Ya think maybe?

Phone cam shots out the window are what they are but still I was compelled to snap. There is some contagious-euphoria when you are leaving the Slope. It’s a happy plane! Living up there in close quarters takes a toll. It’s nice to go home to normal space. The little things become extra spiffy. Come to think of it, working on a remote location movie gig does the same thing.

So anyway;
Here’s the first sunshine I’ve seen in a while. Hot tips on the Brooks Range.Tips

Sea ice and sun light coming into Anchorage
Sea ice at Anchorage

Anchorage is West of it’s mountains, the Chugach Range. We are blessed often with spectacular low angle light. In winter the sun angle makes for great shadows in the mountains.
End of day light play

I live a short way North of Anchorage. My pileable debris pickup (or any other junk I might be driving) lives in Anima’s driveway while I’m up. Upon arrival I spied with my little eye the neighbor’s tree being accosted by a moose. (Right there, dead center) That’s the level of lower branches. Moose high.
Anchorage has been in a cold spell for a couple weeks. 0 to -30. Makes nice hoar frost on trees and stuff and more interesting light play.
Moose making moose berries out of neighbor's trees

I’m supposed to be a bright guy but often I wonder. Pickup won’t start and move, needs to be plugged in for a while first. Where do you suppose I found the time for this blog post?
Did I luck out on the extention cord length or what?
short cord for a long job

There. Now you have some glimpses at the start of an R&R. (Rest and Relaxation)