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Trust me! (Podcasts and Podcast Novels you should hear)

18 January, 2009 (20:05) | Decategorizable

I really like podcast novels and some podcasts. I think you should like them too. Or at least check them out to see if you like them or no.

How does a podcast work? This has been answered a gazillion times on the web. The short answer is that an essentially radio show is recorded and the audio file is published on a server. You the user subscribe to a podcast using software (such as iTunes) that checks the server for new episodes and if there is one it will download and save it for you. When you are ready you can listen/view the podcast on your computer or copy it to your portable player device (iPod) and experience the podcast wherever you want. The whole system is called an RSS Feed. (Real Simple Syndication) RSS supports any file format, text, audio, video, whatever.

A podcast novel is read, recorded, and released in episodes and distributed via an RSS feed.
Way fun!

So what have I found that is worth YOUR time? Well, I think this list is a great starting place. There are podcasts covering just about any topic you can imagine. You can search within iTunes for many podcasts and there are another bazillion of them on the web. Here are a few and their web pages. Be advised that a show might have a website for the show and the actual feed on another site. This list is of the main sites.
P.S. Everything on this page is free with the exception of Audible.


Black Tie Martini Club
Where our oh so political friend Caleb flexes his incredibly versatile audio production chops, creates smart radio plays and tries to make the world a better place. You can occasionally hear us the friends of Caleb as we voice characters in his plays.

SL Under the Radar
Radar is another exceptionally creative creator who intellegently explores the fascinating world of Second Life.

I Should Be Writing / The Murverse
Mur Lafferty airs her thoughts on writing, her writing, the thoughts of other big name writers, and her podcast novels. The murverse site includes all her stuff.

100 Word Stories
One man’s daily drabbles and also the home of the 100 Word Weekly Challenge where folks like you write and record exactly 100 word stories and vote who’s is best. The Challenges are compiled and released on Saturday.

Escape PodPseudopodPod Castle
All three the brain child of Steve Eley and crew. Weekly short fiction stories and a business model that proves at least some of humanity is worth saving. They pay the authors for their works, we send in donations, and they have positive cash flow. Go figure.
Escape pod for Scifi, Pseudopod for Horror, Podcastle for fantasy.

Sonic Society
Those crazy Canadians showcase the very best of Modern Audio Drama from around the world.

The Signal
An award winning podcast and very ambitious production. All things Firefly and Serenity related.

Podcast Novels by

JC Hutchins
7th Son – The most popular podcast novel in history so far. Highly recommended. Really! Just get it and see (hear actually) why. You can get the trilogy with JC’s jabbering to the audience as it was originally released. Illustrating how/why he created such a following. It’s quite entertaining. Or you can get just the story.

Mur Lafferty
“Heaven” and “Playing for Keeps” and more. Supernaturals and superheros, with hangups. Very fun.

Basil Sands
“Karl’s Last Flight” and “65 Below” and more. Great stories with a military bent and a touch of scifi science mixed on for fun. And from an Alaskan! Now winning awards on a website near you.

Scott Sigler
“Earthcore”, “Ancestor”, “The Rookie”, “Nocturnal”, “Infected”, “Contagious”, and more. The guy with the foresight to be first out the gate with a podcast novel. Comes up with some great stuff. Sportsfi? How can it not be interesting in the Intergalactic Football League? Loved it and I’m not into football.

Christiana Ellis
“Nina Kimberly the Merciless” and other funloving podcasting. Fantastical romantic comedy. So to speak. Fell out of my chair laughing.

Phil Rossi
“Crescent Station” Corruption, scifi, sex, horror. Imagery imagery imagery. Phil’s delivery is unique and visceral. I seriously dare you to listen to this in the dark. In fact I’m going to try it again even if it does creep me out. Phil also wrote and produced all the music. Audio production is all top shelf. These works highly recommended.

Natania Barron
“Aldersgate Cycle” Fun steampunk fantasy in a rich world. A little high adventure, a little scifi, a lot politico. An excellent ride!

Also on my list at

The Immortals by Tracy Hickman
Billibub Baddings and the Case of the Singing Sword by Tee Morris
Brave Men Run by Matthew Wayne Selznick
Max Quick 1: The Pocket and the Pendant by Mark Jeffrey
MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe and Askana – Abridged by Tee Morris and Lisa Lee
A Different Point of View by TD-0013
I Sold The Moon! (A True Story) by Barry McArdle
And on and on and on…
Driven by donations. Here is a huge selection of audio books for your imagination’s pleasure. These guys have standards so there is no crap here. You pick your books, subscribe to them, and select how fast you want it delivered. From one episode a month to all at once (assuming the book is finished).  And it’s all free. Just like Netflix it is easy to have a huge que waiting for you. yum!
This is THE pay-for-it mainstream source for audio books. Although it takes money I still recommend you get an account going. The selection and production value are top notch.

This list oughta get you started and keep you busy for a while!