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Light House Hangout – way overdue

11 July, 2009 (21:10) | Decategorizable

Well yeah I haven’t posted since January. Why do you ask?

Fact is I’ve been a little short on enthusiasm for everything, not just this blog. Many a time I have looked at the page with it’s dusty old post and sighed. And I didn’t do anything about it.
My work took a turn away from the direction I had hoped for. Guess I let it get to me.

Another project that wanted to get done but didn’t get enough energy applied was the place I was supposed to be building in SL. I’d chip away a little here and there when I was home but it still took me months for a one day build. Ah well. The knee slapper to that is it still isn’t done! At least I can show you the broad strokes so far.

The point of this plot of land was to have a good vantage point to hang out in. The execution changed over time but the concept remained the same. Lighthouse seemed to fit the bill.

The view is the best part though. From here you can see most of the region, can hit most anything with one of Itazura’s Freeze Pulse Rifles, and can just be an all around nuisance to others if you wanted to. ! But that would be bad so we don’t.
On the center isle. you can see the Destination Station. A facility that has over a hundred destinations in SL displayed on panels. There is a representative image for each. One click and you get info and a Teleport Link. Great way to explore.

Also on the list of things yet to do is boulders and landscaping for the base, fix up or change the lobby, get the screen up and a system for selecting movies from a list. I have a number of short movies on a server, just need a way to play them. As usual I get to learn a few more things about setting this sort of stuff up in SL before it’s all over. So don’t hold your breath waiting for it!

Come on down to Corona Cay, relax, set a spell.