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House crimes

28 August, 2008 (12:03) | Decategorizable

It all started when I found the dead parrot in my inventory…

Nika & Keeme had just recently landed what they called their Crime House. They used to “borrow” the available prims of someone’s land and rezz their house at some high altitude. After using it they’d leave and un-rezz the house, freeing up those prims again and usually no one would be the wiser.

Now they actually have their own land, the house remains grounded and rezzed 24/7.

I found a dead parrot in my inventory, and left it on their deck.

Keeme retaliated by filling my little beachhouse with signs for their podcast. Thanks to Crap Mariner for reminding me that you can do fantastic things that aren’t possible in RL and why be normal?
So I moved my house, leaving their signs in place and balanced it on top of a pizza box balanced on top of a bench balanced on top of their signs.
(click image to get closer)

Meanwhile back at the Casa Nika/Keeme; I snuck in late and provided them with a new roof adornment!

Silly waste of time? Well, yeah. But it made a bunch of people laugh. Time well spent I say.

Second Life is a platform. You can approach it like a game, and some do. You can use it as a creative platform and wow do folks make good use of that. You can roleplay in ways that just wouldn’t fly in RL, and some do that too. There are several million residents and a large social scene complete with all the human relationship accoutrement. Observing the psychology of it all is fascinating.
Think about this; Here we have a world that you access through a keyboard and mouse and exists only in databases and viewscreens. Or does it?
When we go inworld, we ARE THERE. A good portion of our brain is working as if we are our avatar. And I find the result and ramifications of that incredibly fascinating. The relationships for example are not virtual in the least. Ask anyone that has had one end unfortunately.

I intend to keep on exploring the creations and positive social interaction in virtual space. Pretty much the same as in (what we call) real space. Funny how our brain doesn’t know the difference.