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7th Son Obsidian Project

29 August, 2008 (12:31) | Decategorizable

JC Hutchins wrote and podcasted his excellent trilogy, “7th Son”. You can get it at his site or I highly recommend it. It’s a scifi tech thriller adventure rollercoaster fun ride. Very well done.
Two small aspects of the storyline are that part of it happens in the arctic oilfields and the bad guys knock out the power grid of the US, plunging it into darkness.

The Obsidian Project is a bunch of author and fan submitted stories, both audio and video, about the regular folks caught by the tail end of a countrywide blackout.
There is some really good stuff there. Check it out.

I submitted this back in April. JC liked it!
Here’s the page it’s on:
and here’s a direct link:

if those links are broken this is a barebones version: Arctic Condition

We had a meeting with JC later on. Way fun guy to talk with! Turns out my submission struck a personal note for him. This meeting took place in Second Life. Very fun way to do such things. I’ll let Nika tell you about it in her blog:

And hey look! Here is the audio from the meeting in SL. Huge thanks to Radar Masukami for recording and the time in editing it all together.

Oh wait, I guess you can’t really LOOK at the, um, audio, recording, ah, thingy. Well, there is the audio to listen to anyway.