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End of an age, or at least end of a nice summer.

23 September, 2008 (23:45) | Decategorizable

It’s been a nice summer in Prudhoe Bay. Certainly better weather than Southcentral AK. I took a few pics worth sharing. I’m geeky enough to think 360 panoramas can be cool. So I hacked out a few shot in July. Just getting around to posting now? What’s up with that? I was having a bit of trouble getting my stitching software to manage a double row array that I had my heart set on seeing. It would stitch parts fine but scramble the whole. (which was somewhat interesting in itself) Well I finally got things arranged properly and the software succeeded in making a 360, 2 row image. There are 60 images in this shot. It is sort of in the middle of the Prudhoe Bay field. There are facilities in all directions on the horizon. This was taken at 9:00 PM 7/20/08. The sun is basically West with the head of the Trans Alaska Pipeline (TAP) and Pump 1 under it. The pipes I’m parked over are headed there too. The big facility to the East is Flow Station 3. Wells feed the FSs, oil is prepped to travel the TAP and sent to Pump 1. 360 from Oxbow Rd

Now in Sept the weather is starting to change and there are some ugly days. This image presented itself during a bout of 30+winds. I thought it was very cool to see as we arrived at work. You could lean on the wind. It wasn’t easy to get braced against a building sufficiently to get the shot. Got lucky here! What do you think? sunup over the CGF

The next day the wind had subsided. We saw this sunrise coming. Several folks paused work to watch it transpire.

This shot really works for me. The reality of it was far more impressive though. This is the largest natural gas processing facility in the world. It’s also darn big by Prudhoe standards! Rumor has it that if/when the gas pipeline project gets built, the new facility will be five times bigger and will use a third of the world’s available steel supply! Wow.
This image makes a bitchen desktop background

And finally here is a shot of the camp that is my home away from home.  About 360 homes away from home to be more specific. This is 8 shots at 7:30 PM 9/13/08. We are losing daylight fast and it’s becoming quite dark. Coincidentally, Anima’s window and mine face each other from our respective wings.
This is a temporary camp for a few years. Housing is a huge problem. The major facilities are vintage 70s and plenty of that old housing is now gone.
Plenty of work needs to be done on the field. There would be a lot more than the 2500 workers in Prudhoe if there were beds. There is a lot of talk about addressing that.

Most buildings here are self contained, can make their own power. Water and fuel is trucked in and sewage trucked out daily.

And if you look close you can just barely see the Brooks Range 150+ miles away on the southern horizon (left side of image).

That’s it for now!