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Arri who?

A break from caring about anything.

Hi. In Second Life I am known as Arri Gaffer. In Real Life I have been a gaffer. The differences are significant, minuscule, and unimportant. All at the same time. Only depends on how you choose to position yourself.

From my POV (point of view) what we experience in “real life” and what those of us that participate in Second Life experience while “in world” is also reality. Virtual or not, you ARE there. Or parts of your brain think you are anyway. I value the time I spend there and recommend it to folks that are not afraid of creativity, community, geekness, and more.

Sometimes things I encounter are cool enough to want to be shared that others might find some benefit. Hence this site.

Some comes from Real Life and some will spill from Second Life. It’s all real in essence anyway.

So instead of cool stuff just languishing in a folder where no one will ever see it (not even me),  I’ll share it here. If you subscribe to the feed here I can pretty much promise that you won’t get flooded with content. What comes will have at least some novelty, humor, intrigue, or silly entertainment.



Some clarification might be handy. On a shoot, the head of the set lighting crew is the gaffer. The rest of the lighting crew are lighting techs or electricians. (Only one gaffer per crew.)
I work in the production world usually as grip/electric or sound. Sometimes video assist. Such work in AK is spotty.
Since I also run heavy equipment I wound up getting a permanent all year job. It just happens to be in Prudhoe Bay where oil wells are drilled and the Trans Alaskan Pipeline starts its 850 mile journey to Valdez. I generally work 2 weeks on and 2 weeks off, or else 3 and 3. That’s 7 days a week, 12 hours a day if you were curious.  Not quite a normal job I know but it makes real paychecks every month and gives me time to do other things too. Moving snow and doing road maintenance is mundane and not sexy like movie work but it is consistent. And at this time I like consistent! And hey, I only work half the year!

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